A Checklist For Renters To Ensure Perfect End Of Lease Cleaning

A Checklist For Renters To Ensure Perfect End Of Lease Cleaning

A Checklist For Renters To Ensure Perfect End Of Lease Cleaning

In Australia, if you rent a property or an apartment, you must pay a security deposit or a bond. This bond is paid back to the renter during the end of the lease. To get the bond back and in full, the tenant must clean the property thoroughly and return it to the owner in the same state the tenant received. Thus, you have to pack all your belongings and clean the whole place. 


This can be time-consuming and exhausting. Thus, you can hire end-of-lease cleaning in Brisbane from a professional cleaning expert company. They can help clean the place thoroughly and make it shine like new. You can get your bond back within 14 days of the end of the lease agreement. Therefore, you must return the rented property cleanly to avoid delays and deductions. 


Cleaning Checklist For End Of Lease Cleaning

To help you ensure no spot is left uncleaned, we have provided a list of things you are required to clean at the end of the lease agreement and to get your full bond or security deposit back. This includes cleaning the following:


Living Areas and Bedrooms

Other important areas to clean are living areas and bedrooms. Living areas are great for gatherings, parties, or just a movie night with your loved ones. Having a party or dinner in the living area can cause food items or drinks to spill on the furniture or carpet. As a result, it can get dirty quickly. For this, you must know how to clean the carpet to avoid staining it or hire a cleaning company in Brisbane to provide spotless cleaning services. Similar is the case for bedrooms. Many people eat their dinners on the bed or in their bedrooms, which is cosy and more comfortable. In living areas and bedrooms, ensure to clean:

  • Vacuum carpets and furniture
  • Clean and mop the floor
  • Cleans walls, windows, and ceiling
  • Clean cupboards and cabinets
  • Empty the bins



The kitchen is a highly used place in any home, owned or rented. Since it is highly used, it is also more likely to be dirty than the other areas of the house. Keeping the kitchen and its appliances clean is essential to ensure hygiene. In the kitchen, ensure to clean:

  • Stovetops and oven
  • Scrub the sink
  • Clean the dishwasher and remove food debris
  • Polish tapware 
  • Clean shelves and kitchen cabinets



Bathrooms and kitchens are the two places that require extra cleaning and effort to ensure they are tidy and hygienic. A dirty bathroom can cause bacteria and infections. Thus, it is essential to thoroughly clean the bathrooms inside and out. You can also hire a cleaning company in Brisbane. In this, ensure to clean:

  • Scrub and clean walls, tiles, and grout
  • Clean the floor and the ceiling
  • Clean cupboard drawers or cabinets from inside and outside
  • Clean and scrub showers, baths and sinks
  • Disinfect toilet
  • Empty the bins in the bathroom
  • Clean the mirrors


Outdoor Areas

Since outside areas are open, they can get dirty quickly. Hence, you need to clean it thoroughly, too. If you have a balcony or patio, etc., clean and mop the floor, remove debris, and wipe the surfaces for effective cleaning. For outside cleaning, ensure to:

  • Remove debris
  • Sweep and mop outside area
  • Clean outdoor furniture

Thus, whenever you complete your lease agreement and want exceptional and professional end-of-lease cleaning in Brisbane, contact Ozis Cleaners. We aim to provide the best services in Brisbane at an affordable cost. Our cleaning materials are safe and environment-friendly.