After Builder Cleaning

Getting your place renovated is arduous, but the real challenge begins when you find layers of dust on every surface of your place that you need to clean after the builder is done with the renovation. During renovation, a lot of dust and dirt moves around your space, reaching the corners you didn’t even know existed. However, Ozis Cleaners has solutions to all your cleaning problems, including after building cleaning services Brisbane.


Our services are known for our unique techniques and methods for cleaning every inch of your place, paying attention to all the nooks and crannies and making them amusingly spotless.


Post-construction cleaning can take up lots of time and effort, and it can be very frustrating when you can’t wait to move everything back into its place and enjoy your newly renovated space. This is where Ozis Cleaners, the best cleaning company in Brisbane, comes to the rescue and cleans your space in no time with the help of our expert and professional team, who can complete any cleaning task without much hassle.

We Have A Solution To All Your Cleaning Problems.

Our clients are who we serve, and we believe in solving any cleaning problems our clients might have. After post-construction, places often face cleaning problems like paint splashes on the wood board and concrete spills on the floor. Most of the time, these areas that require cleaning are overlooked in the process of cleaning the place as fast as possible. However, people notice the undesirable condition of these areas after they start to move everything back into place. With Ozis cleaners, no dirty area is overlooked as we pay keen attention to every detail of your place. We also provide additional cleaning services for the cleaning problems you may want to eliminate.

It is essential to get a thorough cleaning service Queensland after the construction as it not only helps to make the place clean and fresh but also reduces any chances of triggering any type of allergies. During construction, all the tradespeople go in and out of the place carrying the construction material from one place to another, which invites a lot of dust, dirt, and debris. As construction continues, this dirt accumulates in several areas of the place, which we don’t even realise needs cleaning. However, with years of experience and expertise, our well-trained team is very well acquainted with these hidden areas, ensuring cleanliness in all the nooks and crannies.


Our team specialises in top-to-bottom cleaning by not leaving dust or dirt behind. We provide high-quality service at affordable charges based on the evaluation of your place and the cleaning it requires. The best part about contacting the best cleaning company in Brisbane is that if we complete the cleaning task sooner than expected, the price will be adjusted accordingly.


Ozis Cleaners is the best place for all your cleaning problems, as we aim to serve you with the best quality without compromise. With our cleaning service, you can turn your dusty, renovated place into a shiny one.