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Carpet Cleaning Perth | Why Choose Us

We always aim to get the job done right the first time, at a fair price. Below you can read some of our other advantages and reasons customers use us:

  • Ten years’ experience
  • Professional and Friendly team
  • We stick to our appointments and turn up on time – or we will notify you of any delays
  • We use the best products and equipment available
  • Guarantee on all services – If we don’t get it right we will come back at no cost
  • Free advice and no obligation quotes
  • Competitive price

Carpet Cleaning Perth

Oziscleaners Offers the Most Reliable and Trusted Carpet Cleaning Service Brisbane Wide!

Our carpet cleaners are proud to offer a variety of cleaning services to make your property shine.

Our Carpet Cleaning Perth Provide The Following Services

  • Carpet Dry Cleaning
  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Upholstery and Leather Cleaning
  • Carpet Stain Removal
  • Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Rugs, Mats and Floor Runners
  • Blinds and Curtains
  • Move Out / End Of Lease Cleans
  • Flood Restoration and Mould Removal
  • Flood water damage / Dry Wet Carpet
  • Eco-Friendly Products

Services Offered by Perth Carpet Cleaning

To make your house shine, our carpet cleaners are pleased to provide a range of cleaning services.

Steam Cleaning of Carpets
A deep cleaning technique for carpets is steam cleaning, which involves turning hot water into steam. Deep-seated stains and grime are removed from the carpet by forcing hot steam through a special machine. This method eliminates allergens and bacteria that are concealed in the carpet fibers in addition to removing obvious dirt.

The steam’s high heat aids in removing stubborn stains from spills and pet accidents. It also eliminates odors from the carpet, leaving the space feeling more airy.

The fact that steam cleaning is more environmentally friendly is another benefit. It’s a more environmentally friendly choice because it consumes less water and chemicals.

In conclusion, steam carpet cleaning is an effective method for making your carpets appear fresh and clean. It is a more environmentally friendly option for your house and employs hot steam to remove odors, bacteria, and deeply stains.

Carpet Cleaning at Lease End
End-of-lease carpet cleaning is frequently required when leaving a rental property. Many leases stipulate that the tenant must return the equipment—including the carpets—clean. This cleaning guarantees that you comply with these agreements and may facilitate the return of your entire security deposit.

Making the carpets appear and smell clean again is the straightforward goal of this cleaning. With the appropriate equipment and cleaning solutions, experts thoroughly clean carpets to get rid of any dirt, stains, and unpleasant odors.

Why pay experts to do this task? They are well-versed in handling various carpet problems. Experts have the abilities to restore the carpet to nearly new condition, regardless of the cause—whether it’s a persistent stain from a party or normal wear and tear. This benefits you as the tenant and makes the landlord pleased because it shows the property well to prospective tenants.

You can also avoid time and frustration by hiring specialists to clean your carpets at the end of your lease. You won’t need to bother about hiring supplies or putting in long hours attempting to thoroughly clean the carpet on your own. Long-term financial savings are another benefit. Even though the cleaning will be at your expense, if you perform it correctly, the landlord won’t later charge cleaning expenses from your deposit.

To sum it up, a seamless move-out procedure depends on end of lease carpet cleaning. By hiring experts, you can make sure you fulfill your end of the agreement, maybe receive your entire deposit returned, and leave the property in excellent condition for the next tenant.

Commercial Rug Cleaning
Maintaining clean and odor-free carpets in offices and companies is the main goal of commercial carpet cleaning. These carpets grow dirty more quickly than carpets in homes since a lot of people tread on them every day. This type of cleaning ensures that the carpets are free of allergens, stains, and grime while maintaining a nice appearance.


Why does this matter? Firstly, a firm appears more professional with clean carpets. A clean carpet makes a wonderful first impression when clients or consumers go in. Additionally, working in a clean environment makes employees feel better.

Carpets that are regularly cleaned also endure longer. Carpets last longer when dirt and stains are removed at an early stage. This implies that companies won’t have to shell out cash for frequent replacements.

Another reason to maintain clean industrial carpets is safety. Unsafe situations might arise from slick carpets. The possibility of someone slipping and getting harmed is reduced by routine cleaning.

To put it briefly, commercial carpet cleaning is crucial for companies. It prolongs the life of the carpet, maintains the space looking great, and improves everyone’s safety in the process. Therefore, routine carpet cleaning is essential for any business hoping to keep a polished and welcoming environment.

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