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Effective Methods To Remove Wax From The Wood

Effective Methods To Remove Wax From The Wood. Candles are one of the great accessories you can have in your home. They make the environment of your house calm, comforting and welcoming. Has it ever happened that you left the burning candle unattended, and when you returned, the wax was all over your wooden furniture or flooring? It can be hard to watch as your nicely cleaned furniture or floor has wax spilt all over. Although it may seem easy to get it off, the trick is to get off the wax without damaging the wood. You can clean it yourself or hire cleaners in Brisbane. They assure you that they will clean your place without damaging anything.

Methods To Remove The Wax From Wooden Furniture Or Flooring

Here are two effective methods that you can use to get off the wax from the wooden furniture or flooring without damaging it. These methods are as follows:

Heating Method

The first method that you can use for removing candle wax from your wooden furniture is by applying heat. This method is especially useful when a large amount of wax is spilt, and you do not want to damage the wood. For this, you can use a dryer or even an iron. Let us discuss the usage of each method. 

When using a Dryer, cleaners in Brisbane suggest setting it on low heat and applying the heat to the wax. While doing this, make sure the dryer is placed a little far from the wax, at least 3 inches away. Apply heat the wax until it becomes soft, and once it is pliable, remove it from your fingers with a paper towel or a clean cloth. This will prevent scratches on the floor.

If you prefer iron, you can use it instead of dryer. For this, you need an iron, a thick cloth and a paper towel. Place the paper towel on the wax, put the cloth over it and then keep the iron on the cloth. Keep it for a few seconds; it will melt the wax, and a paper towel can absorb it easily. It is another great method to remove the wax.

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Icing Method

The icing method is useful for cleaning small slips of wax. In this method, you need a scrapper (of plastic and not metal) and ice. Put the ice in the ice bag and place it directly on the wax. The wax will harden due to the ice, then use a plastic spatula and scrape the plastic. Even a credit card can be used for the same. Ensure not to scratch rigorously or apply too much hand pressure; the key idea here is to gently remove the wax without damaging the wood. Repeat until you get the desired results. You can hire upholstery and couch cleaning in Brisbane to ensure spotless cleaning. 


Candles are a great must-have in homes, but you need to be careful when using them. Sometimes, candle wax can spill on the wooden furniture or flooring and removing it can be a cumbersome task. Use the heating and icing methods provided in the blog and successfully get the wax off the wood without damaging it. Besides this, if you want to clean your house thoroughly, you can hire expert cleaners in Brisbane that offer spotless cleaning services at affordable prices.

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