End Of Lease Cleaning When You Are Having Pets At Home

End Of Lease Cleaning When You Are Having Pets At Home

End Of Lease Cleaning When You Are Having Pets At Home

When you are living with a pet and your rental lease comes to an end. The first thing that comes to your mind is the end-of-lease cleaning. You will only get your bond money back if you leave the property as clean as you got it. You do it on your own, or you go for professionals who help in the end-of-lease cleaning in Brisbane. Thorough cleaning will be a tedious task with pets in the house. It’s a challenging task, but it’s possible if we keep some things in mind. 


Things to consider in cleaning when moving out with pets


Here are some areas that need more attention while you do your End of Lease Cleaning:


  • Flooring and Carpets: When you have a pet then, pet hair is everywhere. You need to pay special attention to carpets and flooring while cleaning. Normally, pet hair sticks to the carpet. You need to remove any hair, spots and odours with deep and steam cleaning. You can get professional help from any cleaning company in Brisbane
  • Walls: The next area that needs attention is walls and skirting boards. Pets tend to leave marks on walls as they love brushing up with walls, which results in scratches and dirt marks on walls. Soap and sponge make it easier for you to clean your walls and to clean skirting boards as hair and dirt stick to those also. You can get a professional from a cleaning company in Brisbane to do it.
  • Windows: There are pet nose and paw marks on the windows, usually as pets love peeping out of windows. You need to clean the windows inside out for proper cleaning. If there are any fly screens and your pet damaged it then you need to repair them or replace them before moving out. 
  • Pet Areas: Some rental properties have particular pet areas. These areas need more cleaning than the rest of the house because these areas are where you keep litter boxes, cages and pet enclosures. These areas are more dirty and full of odours. It’s best to give more attention to thorough cleaning of these areas. Use disinfectants for these areas. If it’s difficult and time-consuming for you, you can opt for professional end-of-lease cleaning in Brisbane for this type of cleaning. 

For lease owners, end-of-lease cleaning is crucial because their security deposit refund depends upon that. Homeowners usually want their properties to be clean and well-maintained at the end of a lease. By hiring professional cleaners for this task, lease owners can ensure that every part of the property, from the living room to the bathroom, meets these standards. A good end-of-the-lease cleaning increases the chances of lease owners receiving their full security deposit back, as the deductions for cleaning are minimised.