5 Ways to Clean Sticker Residue

Guide to Removing Stubborn Sticker Residue


Stickers used in decoration can leave an unpleasant mark on the wall surfaces. As we have festive days, holidays and other important events such as birthdays, marriage anniversaries, etc. We use stickers and other decorative items to refurbish and decorate our surroundings to enhance the celebration.

The marks and other problems caused by these stickers can degrade our aesthetics and will leave us worried about the paint on the walls. For that, the Cleaners in Brisbane have the perfect solution for you. It will help you get rid of the marks and residue left away by stickers.

In this blog. We will discuss the best ways through which we can get rid of the sticker residues.

Top 5 Ways To Get Rid of Sticker Residue

Here are the list of ways that are effective in getting rid of sticker residue from the walls and other surfaces and eliminate their presence in the following:

  1. Soapy Water Solutions: You can use soapy water for gently removing sticker residue from the hard surface. It is easy to make a solution by mixing some amount of mild dish soap and warm water in a bowl. The best Cleaners in Brisbane apply it to the sticky residue and let it soak for a few minutes, after which they use a soft cloth to rub away the residue gently. This solution is suitable for three common scenarios: paper stickers on glass, water-soluble adhesive labels, and stickers on synthetic fabric as per the best people who specialise in advanced Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane. You need to test on a small, inconspicuous area to ensure its suitability. Avoid oversaturation of this solution.
  2. Oil-based substances: Oil-based solutions are known to be a natural and effective method that can dissolve sticky labels without damaging delicate surfaces. Adhesives can be broken down with the help of domestic oils such as cooking oil, baby oil and even peanut butter containing compounds. These are some of the best choices for eliminating sticky label residue. Apart from that this solution is also effective on surfaces like glasses, plastics, and painted or varnished surfaces.
  3. Commercial Adhesive Removers: These removers are effective in removing stubborn sticker residues that are hard to remove. These solutions are specifically made for hard and durable surfaces although some experts of Carpet Cleaning in Brisbane use it to clean up certain types of fabrics. However the most suitable surfaces are glasses and windows, metal, plastic, wood, and painted surfaces or areas.
  4. Alcohol-based products: These are the other solutions that can be effectively used on hard surfaces to remove stubborn sticky residues. You just need to rub this solution on the solid surface, the alcohol content in this solution will effectively eliminate the stubborn residue efficiently. This makes alcohol-based solutions a gentle, yet powerful mode to get rid of these residues.
  5. Alternative Household Items: There are various domestic alternatives that will help many people get rid of sticky residues such as vinegar, baking soda paste, hairdryer, erasers, toothpaste, acetone, and packing tape etc. These techniques will help you remove these residues without any problem.


Getting rid of these residues can be really challenging, yet it will help many people improve the condition of these surfaces. These solutions are effective in eliminating these residues from various types of surfaces.

Hence, you can use these solutions and ingredients to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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