How Much Does It Cost for Professional Carpet Cleaning

How Much Does It Cost for Professional Carpet Cleaning

Maintaining clean carpets can sometimes be tricky but still a point of concern for most homeowners. Understanding the fact, it is made with delicate material and how ignorance can lessen the lifespan. It is required to hire professional services. The cost of professional carpet cleaning can vary as per various decisions you made based on your budget or custom requirements

It is annoying to have a smelly, filthy, and dirty carpet. Everyone understands that having a spot-free, wonderful-smelling carpet is what everyone wants to beautify their home. Your carpet states a lot about you and if that is not managed or cleaned properly then leaves a negative impression on your guests. So, without any delay, you should hire professional carpet cleaners to get a rejuvenating look, feel, and treatment of your carpet.

Choose from the Various Carpet Cleaning Methods

There are different carpet cleaning methods that you can choose based on the material, cleaning requirements, and budget you have for your carpet cleaning.

Dry Cleaning

It is the most common and safe solution to clean sensitive material. Dry cleaning can do wonders for your carpet while using a low-moisture system. Also, the products used during the method can prepare a solution to save it from allergies and infections.

Shampooing to Carpet

Carpet shampoo is another popular cleaning method. It was quite popular in the middle half of the 20th century but still used to give a clean, fresh look and removing smell from the carpet. The methods require a machine with a tank of shampoo and a cleaning solution. It cleans the carpet using solutions and then collects the dirty water in another tank once the cleaning is done.

Steam Cleaning

As the name suggests the method requires steam for cleaning your carpet. In simple words, it is the extraction of hot water which is used for cleaning. The methods ensure 90% of dirt and bacteria removal from the carpet flooring. You can go for the perfect solution when having mud stains on the carpet and want to remove it without a mess.


The method is generally used in place of carpet shampooing. It ensures there is no residue, usage less water, and less time to do, which is not there with carpet shampooing. While processing a liquid or foam detergent is used for emerging into vacuumable power.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet Cleaning is a cost-effective and quick solution to give a clean, reviving, and wonderful look to your carpets. It is the perfect option for regular cleaning or slightly dirty carpets. It is mostly considered for commercial buildings. The method is done with a heavy-duty machine that has an attached spinning pad dipped in the cleaning solution

Dry Foam

This is a combination of dry cleaning and shampoo method for carpet cleaning. Here the dry foam creates the vacuum and relies on the cleaning agent drying to a flaky residue which dirt adheres to.

How To Consider the Cost of Carpet Cleaning?

When you hire professionals for carpet cleaning, they will examine the carpet for the cleaning it requires, and measure its length as they usually charge per square meter. Some other factors affect the cost of cleaning carpet and they are carpet size, type, stains additional work involved, etc


It is a major factor considered for carpet cleaning price. Mainly the professional cleaners charge you as per square meter price. Some of them charge standard prices for the standard sizes.


Another major factor affecting the carpet cleaning price is soil content in carpets and dust or dirt removal. Having any specific stain that requires separate treatment from the rest can add to the total cost.


Each carpet type should be treated with separate cleaning method. You will be charged based on that.

Cleaning Method

There are a variety of carpet cleaning methods available for your carpet professional cleaning. You can choose from the above-mentioned methods and will be charged accordingly.

Additional Services

If you have some additional services like moving on furniture, or supplementary treatments like stain protection, carpet grooming, or deodorizing then they will add on to the entire cost.


There is a variety of carpet cleaning solutions available and you can choose them based on your budget, requirements, and the type of carpets you have. All these factors play a vital role in finalizing the price for the carpet cleaning. A1 cleaning solutions are cleaning experts in Brisbane. With our more than a decade of experience in industry, we ensure to give you quality services under budget. For more information and custom services, give us a call today!

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