Secrets You Need To Know To Clean Like A Professional

Secrets You Need To Know To Clean Like A Professional

Secrets You Need To Know To Clean Like A Professional

The carpet is an element of the house that never goes out of style. Despite having numerous flooring options, people still go for carpets because of the warmth and cosiness they reflect. Besides this, carpets are very easy to take care of and do not require much effort to be maintained. However, with time, as the carpet comes in consistent contact with dust and dirt, it starts to lose its softness and shine, which makes it look like a mess. You might vacuum and scrub it frequently, but its original shine does not remain for long as the dirt and dust directly affect the carpet’s fibres.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of secrets you need to know to clean your carpets like a professional carpet cleaning service


Don’t Rub, Just Blot.

As soon as we see a spill or a splash on the carpets, we immediately run to rub it aggressively to remove the stains because that’s our way of calling it a cleaning process. However, this process only worsens the stains as rubbing makes it go deep into the fibres. Therefore, you must learn the cleaning hacks to make your work simple and efficient. So whenever you see a stain, don’t panic and start rubbing it; just dab it with a cleaning solution and blot it from the outer edge to the centre, as doing the opposite can cause the stain to spread further. 


Partner With Club Soda And Vinegar. 

Club soda can remove beer or wine stains, but it is not a rumour as it works correctly. To use this method correctly:

  1. Pour some soda on the stain and let it bloat. If the stain appears lighter, you can repeat the process.
  2. If it doesn’t work out, mix a one-to-one ratio of water and white vinegar and spray it onto the stain using a spray bottle.
  3. Wait for 10-15 minutes and clean it with a clean and dry sponge. You can also contact a carpet cleaning company in Brisbane if you think you might make it messier. 


Freeze The Gum. 

If you have kids at your place, you may have or may experience gum on your carpet, which makes the carpet sticky and invites more dust and dirt. Pulling the gum to remove it from the carpet will destroy the fibres. Therefore, you need a solution that you can find in your refrigerator. 

All you need to do is grab some ice from your refrigerator and press it against the gum for 30-40 minutes until it freezes. As soon as it’s done, lift the frozen gum with a spoon and cut off the strands of carpet as close to the gum as you can, and your carpet will appear like there was nothing on it. 


Head Hardened Wax.

Candles are available at almost every house, and as soon as you light a candle, the wax drips off, which can fall on the carpet and harden into the fibres. This hardened wax can be easily removed if you give it to a cleaning company in Brisbane. Still, if you wish to fix this problem yourself, all you need to do is place a white ironing cloth on the base of an iron and then put it on the wax to turn it into a semi-liquid state. Once it’s done, use a butter knife to pick up the softened wax, and your carpet will be free from wax. 

You need to know these secrets to clean like a professional cleaning company in Brisbane. Follow the steps precisely as told; otherwise, it can create a bigger mess. If you have any doughnuts about your cleaning, don’t risk damaging your carpets, and contact a carpet cleaning service in Brisbane to make the rug warm and soft again.