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Spring Cleaning Guide for a Fresh Bedroom Ambience

Spring is the season of joy and warmth. It is when Mother Earth renews itself and refreshes the environment, welcoming the sunny weather. With this embarkment of the sunny season, your home also calls for refreshment through spring cleaning to renew the ambience of the residence. There are several easy ways to clean your bedroom quickly and efficiently with a spring cleaning to-do list. Read on to learn the best ways to clean your bedroom to welcome spring, such as the cleaners in Brisbane


To-Do List For Bedroom Spring Cleaning


Declutter And Clean Your Wardrobe

The first thing to do is to clean your wardrobe. Winter clothes usually invite more dust, and switching from winter to summer clothes brings a lot of lint. Therefore, cleaning your wardrobe and removing any dust or lint from it is a good idea before you proceed to the other cleaning tasks. 


Steps To Clean Out Your Wardrobe

  • Wash all your winter clothes.
  • Thoroughly clean your closet.
  • Organise your clothes.
  • Put away your winter clothes in the storage area.
  • Organise your wardrobe.


Clean The Curtains

Next up on the to-do list is to clean the curtains. Curtains are often overlooked during cleaning; however, they collect a lot of dust. With the changing seasons, freeing your curtains from dust at least twice a year is essential. Check out the label of the curtains before throwing them for a wash to identify whether they require any specialised washing. 


Some steps to follow to keep your curtains clean throughout the years:

  • Dust off the heavy drapes with a vacuum; however, be careful or do not use this method if the curtain material is delicate.
  • If you need to clean a spot, take some mild detergent with warm water and let it sit on the spot for a few minutes before wiping it off with a damp sponge. 
  • Check the tag of the curtains before giving them a spin in the washing machine.


Clean Your Mattress

Several people don’t realise that their mattress also requires cleaning occasionally, especially when the seasons change. However, mattress cleaning can be quite challenging if you don’t have the right equipment like the cleaners in Brisbane. Therefore, a few steps can help you maintain it before you go for mattress or carpet cleaning in Brisbane

  • Vacuum the mattress occasionally, even if you use a mattress cover. With time, keep changing the bed cover and linen to ensure the mattress stays clean and dust-free. 
  • Air out your mattress if possible. Living in an apartment might make it challenging, but if you live in a house, airing out your mattress can be a great way to eliminate any odours and improve its condition by making it fresher.
  • Flip the mattress to prevent it from wearing out from one side. Flipping the mattress would keep both sides intact for a long time and save you time cleaning it, as you can proceed with the cleaning like the cleaners in Brisbane after using both sides. 


Wash Or Replace Pillows

Pillows can collect dust and bacteria, just like mattresses do. Therefore, it is essential to clean them or replace them if needed. You can also air them like mattresses to remove odours and make them fresh. However, if they are very old, it is time to let them go and buy new and fresh pillows.


Dust The Whole Room

Dust can be a trigger to several allergies and make you fall sick. Therefore, it is important to clean your bedroom to rule out the chances of sickness. 


Steps to clean your bedroom:

  • Make your detergent for cleaning and go green. The detergents you purchase can be irritating because of the harsh chemicals. Therefore, it is better to DIY by adding lemon to warm water, and that’s it! You made your detergent for cleaning.
  • Dust off the areas that are hard to reach before moving to the easier ones, and learn the process of cleaning wood furniture with vinegar. 
  • Clean the walls and take off all the dust and spots on it. Make sure to clean the surfaces with a soft microfiber cloth. 
  • Dust off the small items so the dust won’t collect.


Clean The Carpet And The Floor

Carpet cleaning can be tough because of its delicate material. Therefore, you can always contact carpet cleaning in Brisbane to restore the original shape of the carpet. However, to maintain it at home, vacuum it, clean the spots with vinegar, and mop the floor below it. 


Make sure to follow these steps to conduct a successful spring cleaning for your bedroom.

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