Steps To Protect Your Carpet From Dog Pee

Steps To Protect Your Carpet From Dog Pee

Having pets at home makes the home vibrant and comforting. With a dog by your side, all the stress of the day disappears. However, the stress sometimes returns when your dog pees on the carpet, leaving you with the option of carpet cleaning in Brisbane. The dog urine issue occurs mostly when the dog is a puppy and is in the learning stage of what not to do and where to pee. 

The problem can also occur with old dogs who do not have control of their bladder. Losing control in some situations or getting too excited can sometimes also lead to these experiences, which also happen to humans. 

In some cases, this happens when the dog owners are not able to understand their dogs or fail to let them out when they get nature’s call, and the dog is not able to keep control anymore. 

These are all the possible causes of how these accidents can happen, but the real question is how to deal with these issues and how to get the best results from carpet cleaning. Read on to learn the steps to protect your carpet from dog urine, like carpet cleaners in Brisbane.

Identify What Areas Of Your Carpet Are Affected

It is the easiest thing to identify the area where your dog just peed as you can feel the wet patch on the carpet. You may be able to see the wet areas and identify them, or if you accidentally stepped in them, you will know. 

However, if you can only smell the urine but don’t know where the spot is due to colour or due to the time gap since the accident happened, the best way to find the urine spot, in this case, is to use a blacklight, which is a UV light that can highlight the urine area on carpets. 

Soak Up The Urine Instantly

The step is pretty obvious, but we want you to look out for the signs that your dog has the urge to pee and soak it up right after it is done. Make sure you know how male and female dogs pee and their movements before that to identify when they are going to pee. You can also contact professional carpet cleaning in Brisbane to do the job for you.

Clean Up After Drying

Once you have soaked the urine as much as possible, the next obvious step is to completely clean up the lingering urine and remove the odour. Removing the odour can prevent your dog from urinating there again.  

Before cleaning the carpet, look for any special cleaning instructions. This will prevent any damage to the material of carpet and its fibres. Use a cleaning solution that suits the material and the texture of the carpet well. You can use baking soda, which is an extremely effective cleaning agent, but there are also special cleaning solutions intended to clean dog urine and remove odour, so you can opt for those, too. 

Follow these steps to protect your precious carpet from dog urine. If your carpet requires too much cleaning, opting for cleaners in Brisbane is an ideal option. For every carpet, there are different types of carpet cleaning in Brisbane to ensure that the carpet is protected not just from urine but also from the damage caused during the washing and use of heavy chemical-based cleaning solutions.

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